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Income Tax Preparation and Filing

When you need assistance preparing and filing your tax returns, get in touch with G Watkis Financial, LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut. We have an experienced tax professional who will work personally with you.


Free Consultation

For New Clients Only!!

Single/Married Filing Separately

With no dependents


Single/Head of Household
With dependents


Married Filing Jointly

With no dependents


Married Filing Jointly
With dependents


Electronically submit Federal and State Return


CT State Return
When a Federal Return is filed



Schedules that may need to be added to the tax return

Schedule A - Itemized Deductions
Deductions for mortgage interest, real estate tax, medical, charity donations, etc.


Schedule B - Interest Income/Dividends
Tax Documents that come from your bank that show Interest Income/Dividend


Schedule C - Self Employed/Freelance Work
Income received from doing a side business


Schedule E - Rental Property
Income you receive from renting out a property


Note: At G Watkis Financial, LLC, we realize that not every tax situation is the same. The price list above is for the most common tax return scenarios. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation so that we can go over your current tax situation. Remember: you will always know the fees upfront before we start preparing your return.